Lady Con Locs Solo Art Exhibition

New York City born and raised mix media artist, Lidia Santana also known as Lady Con LocsTM has the ability to create based on reality or imagination. Most people would think she had prior training in her work based on what they’ve seen. When asked she is proud to admit to be self taught. Up un l now she has participated in several group shows through out the city of New York. As a well rounded artist her creativity expands from music, fashion, film, art and

photography. Lidia calls her creative space "The Factory" inspired by late pop artist Andy Warhol. Her Sancocho painting is also inspired by Warhol. She compares her creativity to this soup called Sancocho because it consists of many ingredients. Each ingredient is like an idea. When the soup is done it is a hearty masterpiece as with her work. She believes that in art there are no rules. There is no need to be perfect when there are no rules.